St Bridgid Mosaic
The brief for this percent for art scheme commission for St Bridgids National School Palmerstown, was to create an imaginative 2-D realistic representation of St. Brigid that would be child-friendly and would invite pupil participation in its construction.
Inspired by the pupils drawings , I portrayed a life-sized St. Brigid in a fantastical landscape where her magical cloak shimmers, sparkles and envelopes the floor before her.
I have incorporated the many legends and stories associated with St. Brigid within the mosaic.
Each pupil was asked to draw a magical flower and I have replicated a flower from each age group from 4 to 12 in glass.
Size: Cruciform shape Approx 2.5m × 2.5m Floor area 1m × 2m Materials Weather proofed Marine Ply Coloured opalescent iridescent silvered and mirrored glass Hand-made Gold leaf roundels kiln formed ceramic discs,
glass jewels Millefiore and Mosaic tesserae
Copyright © by Elaine Prunty