Baker Consultants Mosaic Puzzle
This piece was commissioned by a networking company who specialize in Internet technology. The brief was to depict a journey and within that depiction to place hidden elements connected to the company and computer networking.
Combining Art with function the piece was to be a 'Game'. It is placed in the staff restaurant of the company headquarters.
The company internet number is represented by the number of tiles in each cloud... the company logo of a journeying boat is included.There are several technical details hidden in the piece including many representations of the ‘www’ symbol and representations of a computer network and tcp handshaking.
The piece measures 2.7m × 0.9m and the materials used are Coloured and Iridescent Artglass and glass beads as featured in 'Mosaic techniques and traditions' by Sonia King, and 'The Mosaic Decorators Sourcebook' by Rosalind Waters.
The company logo of a journeying boat is just visible behind the bird of paradise flower.
Close up of butterfly.
Close up of butterfly.
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