This Glass Mural (2.9m × 1.3m) was commissioned for a private residence. The brief was to create a Realistic River-Bank Scene for an outdoor water feature. The materials used are Coloured and Iridescent Artglass with ceramic Three-Dimensional detail in the Bulrush Heads and Dragonflies. The piece has a particular opulence and luminosity... as the day darkens so too does the image... When it is twilight in the garden, it is twilight in the picture. The iridescent glass in the dragonfly wings ‘twinkle’, giving an illusion of movement as featured in UROBOROS GLASS CATALOG 2005/2006.
MOSAIC DETAIL (TOP) Detail highlights the three-dimensional detail of the dragonflies and the bulrush heads.
MOSAIC DETAIL (BOTTOM) Detail highlights waterlillies on the surface ofthe water and the intricate "underwater" detailing.
The Surface of the Pond Area of 7 square metres has been decorated with Coloured and Shaped Art Glass and is designed to be a realistic representation of Underwater.
Copyright © by Elaine Prunty