The Seven Year Old Tree
Open competition to exhibit at the Sculpture in Context exhibition in Dublins Botanic Gardens In creating this sculpture I wanted to imagine what would happen if a child’s drawing of a tree
came to life and appeared real size in the cedars woodland area of the Botanic gardens in Dublin. I was inspired by the drawings of trees I received from the children of Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch
a local gael scoil in Ballymun, Dublin. I found it was the seven year olds in first class whose drawings resonated the most with my remembered childhood drawings of trees with
curly trunks and apples in the shape of numbers 6’s. The 21st century child’s tree had heart-shaped apples and holes for little creatures to live in.
Materials: weather proofed Marine Ply, Coloured opalescent and mirrored glass, with iridescent glass detail on edge. Site: Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Size: 240 cm height (200 cm from ground level) × 120 cm width,approx.
Copyright © by Elaine Prunty